1. Booking and payment
Participation in events applies only to members of the Silverdraken. If you are not yet a member, you will become one automatically by signing up for a workshop or by signing up for our newsletter.
You are required to check the booking confirmation and to report errors immediately.
You who are booking must be at least 18 years old. The age limit for participating is 18 years but you are welcome from the age of 16 but then together with the guardian.
You may only book for personal use.
No price adjustments are made for participants who choose to participate only partly in any workshop or event.
The Silverdraken Board has the right to cancel booking if these conditions have been circumvented and can also decide not to refund the participant fee paid.
Silverdraken has engaged Payson for payment. They ensure that your personal and card details are handled safely and correctly. You can use your internet bank or choose an invoice. Payson also gives you the opportunity to divide up your payment in instalments.

About Payson Invoice
We offer the payment method "PaysonFaktura" in collaboration with Payson AB.
Payment terms are 14 days and for invoice purchases a fee of SEK 29 will be added. To be able to order against invoice, you must have turned 18 and be registered in Sweden and approved in the credit check that is made at the time of purchase. The invoice will be sent separately by e-mail to the e-mail address you specify at the time of purchase. In case of late payment, we send a payment reminder with a statutory reminder fee of currently SEK 60. We also charge penalty interest of 2% per month from the invoice due date. In case of non-payment, the case is left for collection, with a statutory collection fee of currently SEK 180 added. Payson reserves the right, in individual cases, to refuse delivery and reconsider the client's creditworthiness.
Information on pledging
When paying with PaysonFaktura, the invoice will be sent to Payson and then Svea Ekonomi AB, (Org nr: 556489-2924)

2. When is a booking binding and cancellation policy
Distansavtalslagen (The distance contract law) does not apply to the purchase of event tickets. This means that when you have paid and thus booked your ticket, you are bound by the purchase. Silverdraken still provides the following cancellation policy: 
Silverdraken gives the right to cancellation if it is more than 30 days left to the event and then repays 1/3 of the participant fee.
From day 29 and until day 3 (72 hours) before the event, 1/3 of the participant fee can be repayed if Silverdraken can find a replacement with another participant provided there is a queue.
From day 29 to day 3 (72 hours) before the event, 1/3 can be repayed if there was an
- Unforeseen event that caused material damage to the home.
- Participants, their company, children, parent, sibling, spouse, domestic partner have suffered from acute illness or accident. Damage/injury which at the time of booking was unknown should be proved with a medical certificate or police report. Only then is the participant fee repayed.
Cancellation less than 72 hours before event  cannot be refunded for any reason.
Cancellations are made by writing on this website's contact form. The time for sent message is logged.
Silverdraken is not responsible for missed events due to canceled or delayed transportation.

Cancellation / re-booking organizer
If the event is cancelled by Silverdraken, the entire participant fee will be refunded with the exception of Force Majeure.
If Silverdraken must rebook the time for the event, the entire participant fee is recovered if the new time does not fit the member.
No other costs for participants, regardless of cause, are replaced such as travel expenses, hotel bookings and the like.

Force Majeure
If the event cannot be carried out because of obstacles out of the control of the arranger, that Silverdraken cannot be expected to have been able to foresee when the agreement was made and whose consequences could not have been avoided, Silverdraken does not have to refund, pay any penalty or suffer other consequences.  

3. Other
Participants do not have the right to record, take photographs or otherwise obtain and or disseminate information unless permission has been obtained by the speaker and the Silverdraken Board.
If participants wish to bring their own brochures about their own activities, participants must first obtain permission from the board. Presentation should be in line with Silverdraken portal paragraph. The Board of Directors will say where brochures can be placed.

4. Lecturer
In addition to the agreed fee for lectures, Silverdraken pays for travel and accommodation that Silverdraken arranges. Accommodation and travel should be economy class. If our guest wants more expensive options, he/she may pay for it himself. Silverdraken can also offer some meals.
Lecturers can bring
books or other products to sell at the events.
Lecturers have the right to cancel and rebook the time for events.