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Amanda Ellis
An Audience with Divine Masculine & Feminine Master Energies

Uppsala, Sweden, October 3-4,  2020

Silverdraken (the Silver Dragon) welcomes you to a transformational and empowering weekend together with Amanda at the lovely Clasonsalen, Övre Slottsgatan 1, in between Uppsala castle and the cathedral, next to the main university library Carolina Rediviva in central Uppsala´s historic quarters. Since it is also possible to attend only on the Sunday we may hold the workshop at Norrlands nation, Västra Ågatan 14, that day instead since this is a bigger venue. It is less than 10 minutes walking distance from Clasonsalen to Norrlands nation.

If you are looking for accommodation do check out our page about Uppsala here on our website. Since this event is planned to take place in Clasonsalen which is a part of Akademihotellet, we do recommend accommodation there for your convenience. 

Note that the workshop will be held in English without translation into Swedish. Of course we will help each other and translate when anything becomes unclear. 


"Only when the masculine and the feminine play an equal role in our lives, will there be beauty and purpose to our existence." Sadhguru

Are YOU truly balanced? We are all a mixture of both Masculine and Feminine energies whatever our gender - the reality is most of us are not, and this causes an inability to live to our full potential in health, relationships, the material world and our spiritual calling.

Visiting Sweden from the UK, Amanda is offering a two day immersion into powerful Ascended and Angelic energies to help you harmonise, heal and integrate both sides of yourself, with the help of:

·       Mary Magdalene
·       Mother Mary
·       Christ
·       Archangel Metatron, Raphael and Michael
·       And Journeying with Adam & Eve back to the Garden of creation to receive healing
·       In our two days together we will interweave all the Ascended Masters energies for help and look at:
-        Signs and symptoms of imbalanced Feminine energy
-        Nurturing and caring for ourselves
-        Healing the Mother Wound – Welcoming in the Divine Feminine energies to our world
-        Feminine qualities needed in 5th dimensional living
-        Upgrading Divine Feminine energy within ourselves
-        A look at Divine Feminine Archetypes concentrating on the two Marys….and Mother Earth
-        Signs & Symptoms of imbalanced Masculine energy
-        Finding our Purpose, achieving goals and being motivated
-        Healing the Father Wound – including a look at Patriarchal energies collectively
-        Masculine qualities needed in 5th dimensional living
-        Upgrading 5th Dimensional Divine Masculine energy within ourselves
-        A look at Divine Masculine Archetypes concentrating on Christ,  Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron

Both days will feature a mix of meditations, activations, teaching, channelling, use of Amanda´s Colour Healing sprays linked to each Master energy and an interactive exercise - typically creation of a Mandala / Portal. You will be invited to bring eg crystals etc of your choice to aid its creation and receive the energy before taking them back home.  

We are likely also to work with the symbols Yin Yang and the Vesica Pisces.


About Amanda
Amanda Ellis is an English Spiritual Teacher and Channel to the Higher Realms whose main Guide is Archangel Metatron whom she has been working with since 2005. She offers teachings on a wide range of subjects via workshops, YouTube and Facebook. She channels all the Angelic and Celestial Realms, as well as being a Medium to a group of departed and well known souls called The Heart Squad, featuring the likes of John Lennon, Princess Diana and George Harrison - again featured on YouTube.

She is the creator of a system of healing called Metatron Colour Healing™ running monthly Distance Training and the creator of a range of 44 stunning healing sprays.  This year she also published the Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle deck – which is intended to empower and help those on their spiritual path. Amanda is a leading expert in Colour Therapy and uses Colour as a way to connect and communicate with each Angelic or Ascended energy.

She is also a mother who prides herself on family life as well as a grounded practical approach to spirituality. She has a worldwide wide client base and lives near the sea on the south coast of UK.
Websites: and
Facebook: Angelic Celestial Colours
YouTube: Amanda Ellis (Regular weekly videos on a diverse range of ascension topics)

Early bird price through March 31: 2888 SEK
After that regular price: 3333 SEK

Dip into the energies by participating on Sunday, October 4, only
There is a possibility to attend only on the Sunday, to get a one day immersion into these energies for those who for any reason cannot participate in the whole course. The Sunday is not a stand alone course but a possibility to dip into the energies we are working during the weekend. Amanda will cover both masculine and feminine energies on both days but at this point it is not possible to say which of the energies that will be included during the Sunday. We are planning to spend the Sunday at Norrlands nation, Västra Ågatan 14, in the absolute center of Uppsala, in their beautiful and magical Old Hall. 

Price for Sunday October 4 only: 1888 SEK 
It is NOT possible to attend Saturday only. It's either both days or just the Sunday. 
To book a spot on Sunday only, go directly to our Shop.

Workshop med Amanda Ellis, Uppsala 3-4 oktober 2020

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Workshop med Amanda Ellis 4 oktober.

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För dig som vill ha ett smakprov på energierna och endast önskar delta på workshoppen på söndagen 4 oktober.
For you who wish to participate only on Sunday October 4th. 
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