The nonprofit organization Silverdraken

There are a lot of interesting people who possess knowledge about spiritual awakening, healing etc. We would like to invite these people and take part of their experiences and knowledge.

We sensed it was our role to invite these inspirational people and share their ideas. A nonprofit organization seemed to be the platform that correlated the best with our values. Through the organization lightworkers are able to inspire and support each other. You are welcome to make suggestions in regards to which inspiring person you would like us to invite. We are able to arrange workshops in a financially savvy way.

We have noticed that there are many globally wellknown spiritual authors whose books have not yet been translated into Swedish.  We wish to change that and we hope that you want to be a part of this. There is a big interest in angels, healing, mediumship etc in Sweden and we are convinced that we can make a difference if we work together.

As a member you will receive newsletters about upcoming events etc. Silverdraken is a nonprofit transparent organization which means that you can take part in the annual meeting and effectively have a chance to affect the decisions we make. There is no membership fee but you do pay for the events you participate in.

Join Silverdraken by accepting the newsletter or by notifying us that you would like to participate in one of our events. It is free to be a member. As a member you will be able to participate in our events and workshops for the lowest possible price.

Policies of Silverdraken

Our portal paragraph in the organization's statutes is the policy that we use for all our activities. 

 "§1  Purpose
The purpose of the organization is to be a platform and a place to grow for anyone who is interested in consciously and actively working with their personal and spiritual development.The organization's goal is to help the members to get to know and support each other. In the spirit of the organization, everyone's beliefs ought to be respected. Activities in order to impose an opinion or stance on someone else is not allowed. The organization is politically and religiously unbound. It is built upon democratic and humanitarian principals. The organization's function is to organize gatherings with relevant content that are in line with the purpose of the organization. Silverdraken shall invite people who lecture, entertain or otherwise enrich the interest of the organization. The organization could also participate in other events such as retreat journeys, fairs or similar events. You can find Silverdraken on social media. The organization also wishes to promote literature and other media that could serve its members."

The organization

Formed on April 6 2018 with Uppsala as the headquarters

The board

Karin Solstråle – chairman
Lovisa Alvtörn – secretary
Anna-Lena Thörn – treasurer
Ulrika Stegeby-Fhors – deputy director


You can reach us through the contact form or via email:

You are more than welcome to write in our guestbook.

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